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Dimensions Of California King Bed

Dimensions Of California King Bed – So you are prepared to upgrade to a larger bed and experience that ocean of personal sleeping space, but which king size mattress would best fit your needs? Is a typical king size mattress or a California king mattress going to be better?

The biggest difference between a typical king size mattress plus a California king mattress is that a single bed is shorter and wider, while the other is longer and narrower. A standard king size bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. A California is only a few inches narrower than a standard king mattress at 72 inches broad, but it is longer at 84 inches. Let’s walk you through the pros and cons of every mattress dimensions and get thinking about what to take into consideration before you make your final order.

Dimensions Of California King Bed

Size Comparisons and Dimensions

California or Cal king mattress is 72″ wide x 84″ extended
4 inches more than the King Size Mattress
Longest mattress accessible
Width per individual is 36 inches

Conventional or eastern king mattress is 76″ wide x 80″ extended
4 inches wider than the California king mattress
Width each person is 38 inches
Sheets labeled “king” match a standard king size mattress.


Perhaps You’re looking for a larger bed because you and your mattress Spouse desire or want more sleeping area. Or Maybe you have children who End up snuggling in bed beside you on these tired Sunday mornings. Or Perhaps your furry friend has mattress privileges along with your present mattress only is not a path for gaining additional sleeping area. The 72″ into 76″ width, depending On that you decide on, gives each individual a part of mattress that’s roughly The exact identical size as with a twin mattress.

Available Bedroom Space

Catch that measuring tape and then have the time to get the measurements of Your own room. You will need enough space to comfortably walk round the bed, So look at making a summary of the mattress with painter’s tape to help that you can Visualize the real size. Do not forget to measure the halls out, In your property.


Typically there isn’t much of a price difference between a California King and a normal king mattress. But Once You are upgrading your Mattress size, be aware that you will need to obtain fresh sheets,

Body Type

If You’re going to invest in a new bed, Ensure You buy a mattress That fits your body type. In the Event That You or your spouse is more than 6 ft, You will prefer the additional 4 inches in length that comes with the California king. But if you like to spread out when you sleep, then you may Prefer that wide open space found in a King size mattress. In Any Event, it is All about getting the fantastic night’s rest you deserve.

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