BED Bed Dimensions

Full Size Bed Frame Dimensions

Full Size Bed Frame Dimensions – In addition to having a different style, it is definitely also have beds sizes are not the same. It lets you choose the bed in accordance with the purposes and its use. The following description of the size of the bed along with tips on choosing a good bed.

1. Single/Twin Single

Single/Twin Single

Beds 90x200cm are (or twin 100x200cm). This type of bedding is commonly used for children’s room. But as efficient in terms of size, many adults this type of bed. So your reply still sleeping alone, can only wear this type of bedding, but it seems not very recommended for you who have a body size XL, or also you who sleep “cannot be silent”.

2. Super Single

Size bed Single Super-size slightly wider than the single size, i.e. 120x200cm. Well for your larger body size, or could not sleep quietly, this type of bed is suitable for you choose. Or you want to sleep himself freely, this type can be considered.

3. The Queen

The Queen

With the size of 160x200cm, Queen size bed is suitable for you who want a bigger space. This type of bed that matter can also be used for two, but a bit less freely.

4. King


Bed type King is very suitable for You who are already married, let alone for the newly married and don’t have children. The size of his 180x200cm allows you still freely move with enough space. Is ideal for two people.

5. Super King

Super Kingng

Bed Super King size-this is also called the Double size. The size of his bet 200x200cm makes you comfortable and feeling free to sleep in pairs. Even if you have kids who are not yet separate bedrooms, the bed with this size still allows to sleep three.

Tips on choosing the size of the bed

  • The length of the bed must be at least 15 cm longer than the height of the highest users.
  • To test whether the width of the bed just right for agan, apply the following test: lie down comfortably to use pillows and put the elbow on the back of the head. Elbows should not be touching or beyond the edge of agan couples bed.
  • A gap of at least 60 cm at the sides of the bed is very important to allow comfortable movement without bumping into the furniture around the bed.

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